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EconoStores™ are fully featured, fully functional ecommerce web sites for selling products or services on the Internet. You don't have to learn anything technical. Everything is point and click. Read More >>

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Your total upfront cost is the monthly fee of $4.95, $9.95 or $14.95. Hosting and Technical Support are included. There are no other fees. Learn More >>

E-commerce Hosting Solution
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Designer Storefronts are set to your domain, i.e., yourdomain.com
Professional Turnkey Storefronts.
Administration Panel gives you total control of site content.
No Setup Fees! Cancel Anytime!
Vendor $4.95
Sell up to  100 items
Add, Edit, Delete Categories
Shopping Cart and SSL security
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Merchant $4.95
Sell up to 500 items
Create Unlimited Categories
Shopping Cart and SSL security
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Entrepreneur $14.95
Sell up to 1000 items
Create Unlimited Categories  
Shopping Cart and SSL security
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Best E-commerce Web Hosting In Its Class..

In developing ecommerce storefronts which best fit the needs of small to medium-sized online businesses, the Econostores™ team has arrived at an e-commerce hosting solution that is simple, easy to use, and best of all, totally cost efficient. Econostores™ addresses the needs of online merchants who are looking for a no-nonsense approach to selling on the Internet by giving them all the tools and features they really need. At the same time, they are not overwhelmed with complicated features or time-consuming management tasks commonly associated with high-end or corporate venues.

An Econostore™ is an all-in-one e-commerce hosting solution, a fully-integrated ecommerce storefront consisting of a web site, a database-driven web store, a shopping cart, a credit card processing gateway, a Product Management System, an online store manager, a mailing list manager and discount management system. All components work together to give online merchants the tools and flexibility to effectively conduct an online business, all at a price they can afford. Those looking for inexpensive ecommerce hosting are pleasantly surprised that they don't have to sacrifice quality, features or functionality.

An Econostore gives you the power to easily manage your online business even if you are a newcomer to online selling or if you have no experience whatsoever in setting up web pages. Need to add an item to your online store? No problem. Simply upload a photo taken by your digital camera. The image is automatically resized to your store's specifications; the image thumbnail is automatically created, and the item is placed in its appropriate category in your store. Management tasks such as adding/editing/deleting products, setting prices, creating new categories, etc. can easily and instantly be accomplished using only a few mouse clicks in your store's easy-to-use, password-protected Product Management System.

Start Your Own Ecommerce Software Business

Get in on the ground floor of one of the most prolific expansions in history, the ecommerce explosion! Now you can own the proprietary software which drives all the e-stores at Econostores.com. Once purchased, we will install the complete latest version of our software on any server (i.e., the server of your choice).

In other words, you will receive a complete working copy of our demo store including all the underlying scripts which make our store work, without fear of future litigation or recrimination. The complete ecommerce storefront includes Frontend (the public store), Login and Administrator Backend. For a complete list of store features, click here.

You may then make clones, replicate or copy the scripts as many times as you wish. At your liesure, your programmers may edit or modify the scripts any way you wish. You will own it; you can do anthing you want with it!

Interested parties should contact us regarding pricing. If you just want an e-store in which you can input your own store items, please refer to the prices above.

Econostores Reviews

According to a HostSynergy review, "Econostores.com addresses the needs of a sector of the business community too long ignored: the small to medium-sized online entrepreneur. Offering a full array of online tools and features, this impressive upstart offers one of the best e-commerce web hosting solutions in its class."

An Econostore™ is so easy to operate and manage, the basics can easily be learned by anyone in only a few minutes time. In fact, many new store owners find the user interface so user-friendly and intuitive that they can start adding their own products right away, without initially consulting the freely-available live tech support. They have learned what thousands of Econostore owners already know: an Econostore™ makes conducting business on the Internet a breeze. To quote Charles Leeds, Econostores™ co-founder, "if you can send and receive email, you can own and operate an Econostore™."